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How to check your breasts

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Get into the habit of feeling and looking at your breasts. Checking your breasts regularly in this way increases the chances of finding any changes early.

What to check for

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Spotted anything that isn't normal for you? Your GP wants to know. Chances are, it's nothing serious, but if it's breast cancer, the time to know is now. See our breast symptoms checker.

Why it's important to go for your routine breast x-rays

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Breast screening (routine breast x-rays, called mammograms) helps to spot breast cancer early, often when it is too small to see or feel.  Find out more and look out for your invitation.

Why spotting breast cancer early saves lives

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9 out of 10 women survive early stage breast cancer, but sadly only 1 out of 10 women survives late stage breast cancer.  Seeing your GP promptly could save your life. Hear stories from local survivors here.