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How to check your breasts


Get to know your breasts and what's normal for you


Checking your breasts regularly increases the chances of finding any changes early. Find out more about the symptoms of breast cancer.

First of all, there’s no right or wong way to check your breasts. Everyone will have their own way of touching and looking for changes – there’s no special technique and you don’t need any training. Over time, you will work out the best way for you.

Touch and look at your breasts regularly to get to know what’s normal for you. It will help you pick up on anything that looks or feels unusual. Remember, changes that are part of your monthly cycle are normal and shouldn’t be worried about.


You could look at your breasts in the mirror to see if there have been any visual changes. When touching your breasts, remember to feel the whole breast area, including your upper chest and armpits as well as your breasts themselves. You can do this standing up or lying down. 

These checks should be part of your regular routine and can be done anytime you are touching or looking at your breasts, e.g. in the shower or bath, or when putting on body lotion.

Breakthrough Breast CancerThe Touch Look Check message was developed by Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1062636), and Scotland (No. SC039058)