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Local cancer survivors

Noticing that a persistent cough could be something serious and checking it with a GP can save lives. That’s what happened to these local people in north London.

Leonard’s story

Leonard Leonard Devoir, 58, from Hackney was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2010.  At the time he was working long shifts of 12 hours a day as a road sweeper.  Read Leonard's story.




George’s story

George George Fitt, 70, has his partner Nora to thank for urging him to see his GP when he couldn’t shake a cough that took hold towards the end of 2008. Read George's story.




Jane’s story


 For Jane Malone, 52, who lives in Stepney, an irritating cough turned out to be a life-saver. Read Jane's story.




Pirzada’s story

The summer of 2002 turned out to be an important time for Pirzada Ahmed, 63.  He made a pilgrimage to Mecca and he made a decision that saved his life. Read Pirzada's story.